Feel, Deal and Heal

Healthy Behaviors and Wellness Tools

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Feel, Deal & Heal

How to explore healthy behaviors and wellness tools with interventions that “feel, deal and help heal."" Covering a wide variety of stress management tools, and wellness strategies.

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There are currently no scheduled offerings for Feal, Deal & Heal. If you or your organization is interested in learning more about this curriculum or would like to offer this series, please reach out directly.


None. Classes open to anyone.


This training is appropriate for anyone interested in learning stress management tools and wellness strategies.


This training is a versatile curriculum that can be adapted to meet your participants' needs. Suggested formats include: weekly or monthly series with different emphasises (wellness or development), weekend retreat, or as a workshop. This curriculum was a part of WellSurgent's COVID-19 programming pivot in which we modified curriculums to help better assist those as a result of COVID-19. Contact WellSurgent today to learn more about this curriculum and see if we can help meet your organization's needs.

Training Topics include:

  • Trust and Transparency
  • Practice best Self-Care
  • How to Build Resiliency: Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, and Socially…
  • Signs of Crisis and Checking In
  • 15 Tools for Combating Stress
  • STOP…Love and Live

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Cost Per Person:

This curriculum's pricing is dependent on a number of factors including frequency and delivery method. Reach out directly to learn more about stress management tools and wellness strategies.