Mindfulness Through the Arts

4 Things You Should Know About Mindfulness Through the Arts

As a part of a Wellness Recovery Action Plan, participants are encouraged to explore and introduce wellness tools into their daily routines. These are activities that may be helpful in achieving and maintaining wellness. One such activity offered by WellSurgent is Mindfulness Through the Arts.

What is Mindfulness Through the Arts?
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Mindfulness Through the Arts is a workshop for individuals interested in learning how to use art and music to promote wellness through mindfulness.

Mindfulness Through the Arts (MTtA) provides a way to use art and music as a tool to bring our minds to a state of awareness. To learn to acknowledge our mind and bodily sensations and be able to identify our current emotional state in a self-assessment type manner.

MTtA lets participants will work on developing their artistic projects independently with guided help from our instructors. Participants will work on 2 projects that they will be able to take with them at the end of our workshop.

Instructors are peers that are in recovery from a variety of mental health challenges and use art and music in their own recovery "toolbox."

How can Mindfulness Through the Arts Benefit Wellness and Recovery?

Through art exploration, there are endless possibilities of material uses to allow many avenues for a person to pursue their expressive needs.

Tapping into the present moment of the art making process allows for an individual to travel through their thoughts and feelings in a healthy outlet. Letting the motor functions of the body react to the auditory sensations.

MTtA allows building upon motor skills, problem solving abilities, focus, and self awareness of emotional states which transcends positively into our lives and promotes wellness whether it be personal or professional.

What Planning is Necessary to Help Grow Mindfulness Through the Arts?

We need collaboration with partners in the community. MTtA is currently offered in Greensboro, NC. We wish to continue to grow our program and reach others in surrounding communities to provide our service. We need you to be an advocate for MTtA. Spread the word. Community is what drives our program. Working together to grow together in wellness.

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